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The Tiger Cub Page

Den Information

Den Leader: Colleen Puscas

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Tiger Cub Information

Cub Scouts starts for boys in the first grade (or at age 7). Tiger Cubs wear a uniform, meet in Dens, and have a Den Leader. This is based on shared leadership by including an adult partner (parent or guardian) for each Scout in the activities. Each month or activity, the Den Leader will work with another adult to plan a meeting based on one of the requirements of the Tiger Cub Badge or other achievments.

Before we earn the Tiger Cub totem or badge, we will earn the Bobcat badge. The Tiger Cub Motto is "Search, Discover, and Share". The requirements for the Tiger Cub Badge are based on giving a Scout the opportunity to Search the world around him, Share his experiences, and Discover new skills.

One of the first things for the Tiger Cubs to do is to earn their Tiger Cub Pocket Totem. They will earn this at a special pack meeting if they learn and can recite the Cub Scout Motto ("do your best"), the Cub Scout Sign, the Cub Scout Salute, and the Cub Scout Handshake:

cub scout sign


The totem is worn on the belt with the paw print side facing outwards. For each Tiger Cub Badge requirement completed, the Scout receives a colored bead for his totem. This allows the Tigers to track their progress on their way to earning the Badge.

The requirements for the Tiger Cub Badge are based on completing each of three parts of five distinct themes. Each of the five themes includes a family activity, a den activity, and a Go-See-It activity.

Tiger Cub Scout Requirements

To receive the Tiger Cub Badge, the Tiger Cub must complete all 15 parts of the following five achievements with his adult partner. The adult partner will approve each part after the boy does his best to finish it. Remember that there are no performance requirements for a Scout. Simply participating and doing one's best in the activity constitutes completion.

  1. Making My Family Special
    • Family Activity: Think of one chore you can do with your adult partner. Complete it together.
      Character Connections - Responsibility
      • Know: Think about the job that you completed. What was the hardest part of doing the job? How well was the job done? What does it mean to be responsible?
      • Commit: Why is being responsible important? Are there jobs you can do by yourself? List other ways that you can be responsible.
      • Practice: Do Requirement 1, Family Activity.
    • Den Activity: Make a family scrapbook.
    • Go See It: Go to a library, historical society, museum, old farm, or historical building or visit an older person in your community. Discover how family life was the same and how it was different many years ago.
  2. Where I Live
    • Family Activity: Look at a map of your community with your adult partner.
    • Den Activity: Practice the Pledge of Allegiance with your den, and participate in a den or pack flag ceremony.
      • I pledge allegiance to the flag
      • of the United States of America
      • and to the Republic for which it stands,
      • one nation under God, indivisible
      • with liberty and justice for all.
      Character Connections - Citizenship
      • Know: What does it mean to be a good citizen? Why do you think we say the Pledge of Allegiance?
      • Commit: Is it easy to be a good citizen? Why is it important to show respect to the flag even if others around you might not?
      • Practice: Do Requirement 2, Den Activity.
    • Go See It: Visit a police or fire station. Ask someone who works there how he or she helps people in the community.
  3. Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe
    • Family Activity:
      1. With your family, plan a fire drill and then practice it in your home.
      2. With your adult partner, plan what to do if you became lost or separated from your family in a strange place.
    • Den Activity: Make a Food Guide Pyramid.
      Character Connections - Health and Fitness
      • Know: With a family adult, have a healthy snack.
      • Commit: When is it difficult to eat healthy food?
      • Practice: What foods are best for your health and growth?
    • Go See It: Learn the rules of a game or sport. Then go watch an amateur or professional game or sporting event.
  4. How I Tell It
    • Family Activity: At a family meal, have each family member take turns telling the others one thing that happened to him or her that day. Remember to practice being a good listener while you wait for your turn to talk.
      Character Connections - Respect
      • Know: When talking with other family members, how do you show courtesy and respect? How do you listen respectfully? How can you interrupt people and still be respectful?
      • Commit: How does it feel when people listen to you with respect? List three things to remember that will help you talk respectfully with others.
      • Practice: Join in a family conversation. After the conversation, discuss how you and the others showed respect?
    • Den Activity: Play "Tell It Like It Isn't"
    • Go See It: Visit a television station, radio station, or newspaper office. Find out how people there communicate with others.
  5. Let's Go Outdoors
    • Family Activity: Go outside and watch the weather.
      Character Connections - Faith
      • Know: Discuss things about the weather that you know to be true but you cannot see at the moment, such as is the sun still there although you only see clouds? Is the moon there, even though it is day? Can you see wind? Do you know that the rain will eventually stop? Do you have faith in other things you can't see?
      • Commit: What makes it difficult to believe in things you cannot see? What helps you to develop faith?
      • Practice: Do Requirement 5, Family Activity.
    • Den Activity: With a crayon or colored pencil and a piece of paper, make a leaf rubbing.
    • Go See It: Take a hike with your den.

Once you have earned your Tiger Cub Badge, it should be displayed on the left pocket of your blue uniform shirt. In addition, you may now earn yellow Tiger Track beads for your totem. For every 10 electives you complete you earn 1 Tiger Track bead. There are 50 electives to choose from in the Tiger Cub Scout Handbook, ranging from indoor craft projects to outdoor adventures. Electives can be done by the Tiger and his adult partner at home or as a Den activity. Tiger Cubs may also work on earning Cub Scout Academic and Sports Awards. These belt loops and pins can be earned for learning and practicing skills in a specialized area of study.