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The Bobcat Page

Den Information

There is no Bobcat Den. This Badge is a requirement for ALL boys entering Cub scouts, regardless of their age or initial Den.

Bobcat Information

The very first badge that every boy must earn when entering the Cub Scouting Program is the Bobcat badge. To earn the Bobcat badge the Cub Scout must do the following:

  1. Learn and say the Cub Scout Promise.
    I ..(name).. promise to do my best
    To do my duty to God and my country,
    To help other people, and
    To obey the Law of the Pack.
    Complete the Honesty Character Connection
    • Know: Discuss these questions with your family: What is a promise? What does it mean to "keep your word"? What does honesty mean? What does it mean to "do your best"?
    • Commit: Discuss these questions with your family: Why is a promise important? Why is it important for people to trust you when you give your word? When might it be difficult to keep your word? List examples.
    • Practice: Discuss with family members why it is important to be trustworthy and honest, and how you can do your best to be honest when you are doing the activities in Cub Scouting.

  2. Learn and say the Law of the Pack and tell what it means.
    The Cub Scout follows Akela.
    The Cub Scout helps the pack go.
    The pack helps the Cub Scout grow.
    The Cub Scout gives goodwill.
  3. Learn and say the Cub Scout Motto.
    Do Your Best
  4. Tell what Webelos means.
    we'll be loyal scouts
  5. Show the Cub Scout Sign and tell what it means.
    cub scout sign
    The Cub Scout Sign is made with the right arm held high and straight up above the shoulder, with the index and middle fingers forming a V. The other fingers are held with the thumb. The two extended fingers stand for the parts of the Cub Scout Promise "to help other people" and "to obey." They also stand for the two alert ears of a wolf. This is the sign of Cub Scouts all over the world. The Cub Scout sign should be given when repeating the Cub Scout Promise or Law of the Pack. It is also used in ceremonies.
  6. Show the Cub Scout Handshake and tell what it means.
    cub scout handshake
    The handshake is done by putting the index and middle fingers of the right hand against the other person's wrist when shaking hands. Cub Scouts and Cub Scout leaders use this handshake everywhere in the United States. The handshake signifies that those who use it help others and obey the Law of the Pack.
  7. Show the Cub Scout Salute and tell what it means.
    cub scout salute
    Salute with your right hand. Hold your fingers as you do for the Cub Scout sign. Keep the two straight fingers close together. Touch the tips of those fingers close to your cap. If you are not wearing a cap, touch your eyebrow. A salute is a way to show respect to your leaders. It shows that you look up to them and respect them. We salute the flag to show respect to our country. Use the Cub Scout Salute when you say the pledge of allegiance while in your Cub Scout uniform.
  8. With your parent or guardian, complete the exercises on youth protection in the booklet.

The above items are the basic information that all Cub Scouts must learn, which is why every boy who enters into Cub Scouting regardless of the age or den that he starts in, must earn the Bobcat badge before advancing to his next rank.